Newington Preparatory School Cross Country
at Newington Senior School Campus
The Newington Preparatory Schools’ Cross Country will be held at Newington Senior School on Wednesday 20 March.
This will involve boys in Years 3-6. Boys will meet at Wyvern for morning classes, before walking over to the senior school at 9:30am.
The carnival program is
1. 10:10am Junior Cross Country Race 2000m 8/9 and 10 Year olds)
2. 10:450am Senior Cross Country Race 3000m (11 and 12 Year olds)
3. 11:30am Presentation
4. 11:55am Carnival finishes
This year we do not have a “fun run” event with all boys encouraged to enter the Championship races. We will include a cut-off time/distance for boys who may find the full distance too far. These boys will be funnelled of the course at an appropriate time or distance. All boys who participate in any of the above races will contribute points for their House. Any child who wishes to be considered for selection in the Combined Newington IPSHA Cross Country team should enter in the appropriate Championship race for their age group. The first 5-10 boys in each age group will be invited to attend the IPSHA Cross Country at Kings on Saturday 6th April. In addition to the Newington Cross Country Championship Trophy and the Wyvern House Trophy for Cross Country, Age Champions will be recognised in the 8’s/ 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's age groups.
Participation is encouraged but is not compulsory if boys have a medical complaint or injury. If there are any health concerns leading up to the carnival or medication that is required prior to, before or after the carnival these need to be discussed with the child's teacher and written instructions provided. In addition to this, any child who feels unwell, light headed or dizzy during the race, will be reminded prior to commencing the race to stop and go to the nearest staff member who will be located at regular intervals around the course. Children suffering asthma will be asked to carry their "puffers" with them during the run. With the races commencing in the morning this year we ask that the boys eat an appropriate light breakfast prior to attending school and take regular sips of water throughout the morning before and after their race.
There will be no sport training after the cross country on this day. Upon returning, the boys will resume normal classroom lessons and be dismissed at 3:15pm.
• PE uniform and House coloured polo shirt
• PE Tracksuit if it is cold
• White Newington sun hat
• sun cream
• water bottle
• light snack/nibbles
• lunch for after race
• medication eg ventolin inhalers (if required)